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"Sam knows his stuff when it comes to starting a business. I would recommend  the resources Sam has to offer here for anyone looking to grow, expand and IGNITE their own business. This is the place to be for start ups through to struggling entrepreneurs!"

-John Lee Demas - Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire 

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"I thoroughly enjoyed being on Sam's podcast. It was refreshing to be interviewed by someone who asked very 'different' questions to everyone else out there. His focus on providing value for his audience will no doubt mean lots of opportunities for him, and them!"

-Chris Ducker - Founder & CEO Virtual Staff Finder &

 "Sam Payne is a superstar entrepreneur going big places"
-Nathan Chan - Publisher & Editer of Foundr Magazine
"I'm a big fan of Sam Payne's Online Marketing Hack Podcast . The guy's genuine, authentic and ambitious. So excited to see what he has in store for us all in the future. Thanks for inviting me to be part of the journey, Sam!"

-Richard Moore - Founder of The EightStepStartUp

"There are a lot of people teaching entrepreneurship out there but Sam is the real deal. With solid experience building up from scratch, and clear thinking about what really matters in business, I'd rate his insights far over anyone who tries to sell you a one shot formula - what he is talking about is approaches that last."

-Marianne Cantwell - Founder Of Free Range Humans

Sam is one of the smartest and hardest working guys I know. He is one of the best business consultants for start-ups I have ever met, and is FULL of fantastic resources. Check him out when you get a chance!
-James Camp - Founder of Tipping Point Agency

"Sam asks insightful and well considered questions to his interviewees and is clearly passionate about producing content that is practical and has real value to both readers and listeners."

-Valerie Khoo - Founder & CEO of Australian Writers Centre

"My interview experience with Sam Payne was fantastic! The Online Marketing Hack Podcast is a great way to reach your audience and spread the word about your business."

-Brett Miller - Founder & CEO of Brik Book
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